This all began while on vacation visiting friends in Ashville, NC.  My very artistic friend, Margaret, got me started on Pinterest and Etsy. While perusing these sites I came across some beautiful glass flowers and thought to myself, "I would love to do that." The next day Margaret and I searched through Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity for glass to make our first flowers. My life has not been the same since!!  I can no longer look at a piece of glass without seeing it becoming a flower, wall art or centerpiece.

I know that some of you may look at my name and think, "this woman doesn't use spellcheck."  Yes, I realize that Sweetpea, under normal circumstances, would be two words.  I was very lucky to be married to a wonderful man, Gary, who never called me by my given name. I had more pet names than my dog Molly, a/k/a, Moo Moo, Molly Tamale, Mooshie Girl, well, you get the picture.  Gary always would use Sweetpea as one word.  With his passing I have chosen to honor his memory in this small way.

Each piece of glass is hand-drilled and hand-painted using high quality paint, some taking 21 days to cure.  The glass is attached by using glue made to withstand heat and cold and finished off with a steel screw through the middle into a three sided glass bottle on the back. A nut is placed inside the bottle and glued so it cannot come undone.  The three-sided bottle is fit over a stake made of PVC pipe painted green and is ready for display in your garden.

Every flower is a unique and one of a kind piece. Though there may be similar pieces in each flower, there will never be two identical pieces. I may work on one idea for weeks and sometimes they come alive in minutes. I know that a flower is complete when I look at it and it makes me smile. Sometimes I actually giggle.  I truly enjoy making each and every one, and can only hope that there's one in your future that will bring a smile to your face.

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